Add Suppliers
(to add a new supplier click here)

How do I find a supplier? In Oracle, navigate to Financial End User, Inquiry, Suppliers.  Type in part of the name with a % sign in front and back of the name.  This will bring up all suppliers that contain the  information you entered within their name. You can then search for the correct supplier.
When do I need the Federal Taxpayer ID number? Whenever a supplier performs a service for the district, such as sports officials/referees, police providing security or presenters.  ID numbers are also needed for hotels, hospitals, conferences, doctors, attorneys, ambulance services, dry cleaners and landlords for payment of rent.  
How do I add a supplier? Complete the on-line Oracle Supplier Request form (click here to go to the form).
I need to change an address. Just complete the  Oracle Supplier Request Form with the new information (click here to go to the form).