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Cell Phones

How to order District Cell Phones

Refer to Board Policy EGAF http://aurorak12.org/pol-reg/SectionE/egaf.pdf
How to order a District cell phone. An e-mail must be sent to SACOLLINS@aps.k12.co.us by the site’s budget authority. Please designate whether it is a standard or a smart phone as well as the person’s name and  site location. You must also fill out this form before you can pick up your phone. http://it.aurorak12.org/files/2011/04/District-Cell-Phone-Employee-Use-Agreement.pdf
Reimbursements for personal phone calls.

Aurora Public Schools follows the IRS guidelines for personal use of district provided cell phones. http://aurorak12.org/pol-reg/SectionE/egaf.pdf


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